Investment Services

Investment Services- At Taylor County Bank, you'll find a wide array of savings programs to allow your money to work for you. Whether you're saving for that new living room suite, a new car, a new home or a comfortable retirement, any of our officers can help you find the savings plan that best suits your needs.

Savings Account - A savings earns interest that's paid quarterly. There is no service charge with a minimum balance of $100. If more than six withdrawals made per quarter, excess item fee of $2.00 for every item after six. A $7.50 fee will be charged if the balance falls below $100 any day during the cycle. (Note: Children under twenty-three years old are exempt from the balance requirement.)

Certificates of Deposit - Designed for those with longer-term goals, with rates set weekly and guaranteed until maturity. Renewable investment options range from 91 days to 5 years, with minimums varying per investment.

IRA - An Individual Retirement Account offers any working individual a chance to set money aside for retirement, with interest that's tax-deferred. IRAs generally pay a competitive rate of interest. Ask a Customer Service Representative for more information.

An IRA account will let you save for the future and you'll pay no taxes on interest you earn until you begin making withdrawals. Qualified contributions are also tax deductible for even greater tax savings. A minimum deposit as low as $100 is required to establish an IRA Savings Account.  See a Customer Service Representative to obtain a complete disclosure of account terms and Annual Percentage Yield information, if applicable.

Christmas Club - A special account for those wanting to ease the financial strain of the holiday season. Accounts start with a minimum of $2.00 and a maximum of whatever you choose. You decide how much and how often you make a deposit. Can't get any easier than that!

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