Miscellaneous Fees


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Miscellaneous Fees and Charges for Accounts

Account Balancing

$15 per hour

Amortization Schedule


Automated Teller Machines

No charge at ATMs bearing the Taylor County Bank 24-Hour Banking logo.  $1.00 per transaction at all other STAR locations unless BanClub or Classic Account member.  A $6.00 fee is charged for reissuing a debit card.

Check Printing (including deposit and withdrawal slips)

Prices will vary depending on style ordered.

Copy of Check

Close Account by Mail

$2.00 per item (Free to Classic Choice and BanClub customers).


Coupon Collection

$20.00 per envelope

Deposit Bag

$19.00 per Locked Night Deposit Bag/$5.00 per Zipper Bag

Dormant Fee

$8 a month for checking accounts with no activity for 12 months

$8 a month for savings accounts with no activity for 24 months

Early Close Account Fee

$20.00 (within 180 days)

Excess Item Fee for Regular Savings Account

$2.00 will be charged for each withdrawal in excess of six during a three  month statement cycle

Estate Account Maintenance Fee

$20.00 (One time fee at account opening)

Fax Service

$3.00 per page (Outgoing/incoming)

Legal Process

$95 each time we are served with a garnishment, levy, restraining order, writ of attachment, subpoena or other legal process related to your account.

Medallion Stamp (Non-Customer)

Notary (Non-Customer)

Officer’s Checks


Officer’s Check Fee (Non-customer presenting on us check)



$6.00 (Banclub and Classic Gold Customers receive three free per month)


OD Charge / Overdraft Privilege Fee
OD Charge / Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)
Return Check Charge / Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

OD Charge / Daily Overdraft Fee

Charge for Check Returned Unpaid
(Savings or Checking Account)    

$29 per item paid into overdraft or returned due to insufficient funds created by check, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or electronic means, such as substitute checks, electronic funds transfers initiated by third parties, ACH or debit card transactions.  

$2.00 per day after 3 business days


Rolling Coin

$.10 per roll

Safe Deposit Box Rental (all boxes are 21 1/2" deep)


Club Member

2" by 5"


3" by 5"


3" by 10"


5" by 5"


5" by 10"


10" by 10"









Replacement Locks for Safe Deposit Box


Drill Box Safe Deposit Box


Snapshot Statement

Statement Reprint    

$5.00 per account

$5.00 plus $1.00 per additional page

Stop Payments

Transfer by phone

$29 per request


Traveler’s Checks (non-Club members)

Verification of Deposit Account

$2.50 per $100 of checks purchased
$3.00 per $100 for joint checks

$10.00 per account

Wire Transfers

$15.00 per outgoing wire, $10.00 incoming wires for customers.

$50.00 outgoing International wire.


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